DERMAFLASH LUXE Anti-Aging, Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Device


Award-Winning Sonic Technology safely + gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes peach fuzz. Reveal smooth, glowing, fuzz-free skin instantly—and improve your skin over time.

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN hair will NOT grow back thicker or faster
  • For all ages, skin types and tones—even sensitive skin
  • Includes LUXE+ device, 4 single-use Microfine Edges, PREFLASH ® Cleanser (0.33 fl. oz.) charging cable and base
  • Esthetician-recommended

Now with Boosted Sonic Speed, LUXE+ glides effortlessly over your skin to instantly de-flake + de-fuzz. Skincare penetrates better, makeup glides on like silk!

And don’t stress about nicks or scrapes. New Microfine Edges™ give you ultimate comfort + precision, while Proprietary Safety Features deliver maximum protection.


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Transform Your Skin With Safe + Gentle Exfoliation

Superior anti-aging exfoliation + improved cellular turnover
New Microfine Edges™ remove every trace of peach fuzz + dead skin
Proprietary Safety Features provide maximum protection from nicks or scrapes
Clinically proven to improve skin tone + texture over time

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Will the hair on my face grow back thicker?
This is the #1 question we received! It is a myth that shaving or removing hair from your face will make it grow back differently. LUXE+ was specially created for the delicate skin on a woman’s face. LUXE+ removes the top layer of dull, dead skin cells and built up debris, with the added benefit of peach fuzz removal. Nothing that you do to the surface of your skin can change the way your hair grows. Your peach fuzz will grow back exactly the same, no thicker or darker. Plus, we conducted a clinical study to prove it!
Can I use other cleansers with LUXE+?
No, the included PREFLASH Cleanser is an essential prep step for a perfect Flash every time. The deep cleansing formula provides maximum removal of surface oil, so peach fuzz stands up straight for effortless removal. It also makes skin more taut, so your device glides effortlessly over skin.
How often should I use LUXE+?
We recommend using LUXE+ 1x per week for your best results.
Can I go out in the sun after using LUXE+?
After a LUXE+ sonic dermaplaning treatment, we recommend avoiding direct sun exposure for at least 48-72 hours. You can still go about your normal daily activities—just don’t plan a trip to the beach right after your dermaplaning session! And as with any exfoliating treatment, it’s essential to wear broad spectrum SPF 30 (or higher) every day. Any type of exfoliation (whether it’s physical or chemical) reveals fresh skin that’s more vulnerable to sun damage. It’s crucial to protect your skin to maintain your results.
How long does it take to charge?
We recommend charging LUXE+ before each use so the device will be ready when you are.
What is the difference between ONE, LUXE and LUXE+?

LUXE+ is the next generation of our award-winning Sonic Dermaplaning + Peach Fuzz Removal device. We boosted the Sonic Speed to 14K for superior anti-aging exfoliation and improved cellular turnover. We also gave our Edges an upgrade. Our new Microfine Edges™ have an enhanced Proprietary Safety Cage for ultimate precision and maximum protection. Both LUXE+ and LUXE have two speeds (gentle and invigorating) so you can customize your treatment. ONE has a single speed.

All the devices will deliver professional-quality exfoliation and peach fuzz removal, and all are compatible with the new Microfine Edges. Our mission is to bring you the most effective and most advanced sonic skincare technology, which is why we upgrade our devices from time to time.

Does LUXE+ remove peach fuzz?
Yes! In our consumer testing, 100% of participants said LUXE+ effectively removed peach fuzz. Our proprietary Sonic Technology and upgraded Microfine Edge safely + gently remove peach fuzz while simultaneously exfoliating dead skin cells. Your skin is left smooth, glowing and fuzz-free. And don’t worry, your hair will NOT grow back any thicker or darker. LUXE+ removes peach fuzz from skin’s surface and does not affect the hair follicle in any way. Your peach fuzz will grow back exactly the same—no thicker, no darker, no different!

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3 Steps To Glow
Prepare skin with the included PREFLASH® to remove surface oil.
Hold LUXE+ at a 45° angle and glide over your face using short, feathery strokes.
Apply your favorite serum, treatment mask or moisturizer. Flash 1X per week to maintain smooth, glowing, fuzz-free skin.

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