DERMAFLASH LUXE Anti-Aging, Exfoliation & Peach Fuzz Removal Device


Professional grade dermaplaning treatment, at-home.

Get all the benefits of a professional dermaplaning spa treatment – in the comfort and safety of your home. Powered by Sonic Edge Technology and equipped with two exfoliating speeds, DERMAFLASH LUXE puts the power in your hands to customize your treatment – for visible, long term, anti-aging results.

After selecting the Gentle or Enhanced Speed, glide over the face to remove the oldest layer of dead skin cells, dull built up debris, and peach fuzz.

Instantly: Skin is refreshed, radiant and fuzz free, ready to deeply absorb skincare actives.

After one month: Fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced.

Proven Results

100% of women instantly saw radiant, glowing skin

90% of women saw an improvement in tone and texture with continued use

76% of women had a clinically significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 4 weeks

Clinically proven that hair WILL NOT grow back faster or thicker.


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Meet Dara The Founder Of DERMAFLASH

Dara’s personal beauty routine revolved around dermaplaning for years. She fell in love with dermaplaning because of the instant results…She is not a sit-around-and-wait-for-anything-kind-of-gal!

The treatment literally changed her skin, made all of her skin care products work more effectively, and also created a flawless canvas for make-up.

Before opening her Med Spa in Chicago, Dara decided to make dermaplaning the foundation of all services offered at her spa and trademarked DERMAFLASH® as the name of her dermaplaning facial.

Five years and 6,000 DERMAFLASH treatments later, she had an epiphany: ALL women want smooth, radiant, fuzz-free complexions, yet many do not have access to a spa that offers dermaplaning, and the cost of a single treatment is prohibitive to most. She realized an at-home solution did not exist and decided to create it.

In 2016 DERMAFLASH, THE at-home sonic dermaplaning device was born.

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see packaging

Step 1: PREFLASH: Place a small amount of PREFLASH onto wet hands and create lather. Massage onto face, rinse well, and pat dry.

Step 2: FLASH: With a new Edge loaded, press power button once to activate gentle vibration. A second press delivers a more invigorating experience. A third press turns device off. Beginning in front of your ear at cheekbone, hold skin taut with finger from opposite hand. Hold your DERMAFLASH LUXE at a 45o angle. Using short, feathery strokes move over entire face.

Step 3: POSTFLASH: Massage a small amount of POSTFLASH into the skin to hydrate and soothe after treatment. To dispose of single-use Edge, point the top of the device towards the wastebasket and press the eject button. Change your edges after each use. Use 1x per week for best results.


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