Shop T3 Hair Styling Tools

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Shop T3 Hair Styling Tools

Hair is a powerful thing.

It’s the ultimate accessory. An expression of personal style that’s uniquely yours. It can also drive you crazy. That’s why we make tools that demystify your styling routine and put you in control. We think you should love your results and own your look, without compromise or struggle, every single day.


T3 Hair Dryers

Fast, shiny blowouts. Beautiful results.

T3 Flat Irons

Sleek, chic and shiny — all in a single glide.

T3 Curling Irons

Gorgeous curls and waves that last.

T3 Gift Sets

Rethink your routine.

Styling your hair isn’t always easy. It takes time and practice. It can get tedious, but it can also be fun. We strive to make your experience better all around — faster, easier, more inspired, and healthier for your hair. Our high-performing, thoughtfully designed tools enable a smoother routine, whether you’re feeling experimental, or rushing out on a busy morning. So you can look forward to the process almost as much as the final results.

T3 Showerheads

Beautiful hair begins in the shower.

T3 Accessories

The details make all the difference.

T3 Brushes

The foundation of your styling toolkit.

About T3 Technology that transforms.

T3 designs hair tools and technologies to transform your styling experience into one that’s less stressful, and more joyful. Precise heat, thoughtful personalization, and intuitive, human-centric design are just some of what make our tools different. This is tech with a simple mission: to help you love your hair, and enjoy styling it.

Styling technology that’s personal.

From heat technology that understands your hair, to design features that understand your life, we’ve customized a styling experience that adapts to you. Because your hair is unique, a personalized styling routine brings you gorgeous results and an experience that’s tailored to your hair, and your life.

Smart heat that respects your hair.

Self-monitoring heat. Temperature settings that automatically adjust based on your hair profile. At T3, these aren’t dreams, they’re reality. Welcome to the next generation of heat technology, designed to deliver fast, healthy, beautiful results with the precise amount of heat that’s right for your hair.

Form meets function.

We’re designers at heart and perfectionists in practice, equally passionate about functionality and aesthetics. Responsive technology, intuitive touch features, and mindful form factors promise a high-performance styling experience that’s easier, faster, more effective, and more fun. We design products to inspire and guide your styling process, wherever you choose to take it.

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