Take Your Skincare To The Next Level With Growth Factors

Want to take your skincare regimen to the next level? Look no further than growth factors. In our opinion they live up to the hype. They are the hottest buzzword in cosmeceuticals and medical grade skin care out there right now. Known for their performance in creating younger, healthier skin. We’re going to break it down past all the height, get to the facts, and find out why you need one or more of these products in your routine!

Growth factors are the newest thing to hit cosmeceuticals.

New technological advancements have led to the development of new formulas – one of the most promising new groups are growth factors. Growth factors are naturally occurring large protein molecules made by her own cells in response to cellular damage. They work together with other natural molecules in our body to promote healing and development of new tissue.

What does this mean for you? This means that growth factors have the ability to stimulate skin regeneration and turn back the hands of time.

Aging skin has been shown to have a reduced amount of epidermal growth factor also called EGF. A lowered amount of EGF gives us all the results we DON’T want – wrinkles, age spots and slower skin renewal. This tells us one important thing – we need to increase EGF and pronto!

Why select a product containing EGF?

EGF is an effective way to inspire new tissue growth and are the perfect complement to other cosmeceutical products as well as med spa treatments. For example, if you have had microdermabrasion or a topical peel, EGF works with the natural renewal process to improve the results of the treatment. In other words you get more bang for your buck!



If you are looking to up your results from a med spa treatment look no further than Rhonda Allison Growth Factor Serum. This powerhouse formula includes a high concentration of epidermal growth factor and additional antioxidants and essential oils to boost the nutrient support for your skin. We consider this a must-have for after microdermabrasion, AHA exfoliants, enzymes and post peels.

Benefits of growth factors – the anti-aging secret.

As we grow older the growth factor levels in our bodies decrease contributing to aging. The use of growth factors for aging skin has been proven to positively counteract aging and photo-damage, specifically loss of elasticity, uneven skin tone and thinning of the epidermis. Growth factors are known to reduce lines and wrinkles by actively generating new skin cells, even out skin tone, and nourish skin so that it appears smoother and regains its youthful look. Now who wouldn’t want some of that?


If you’re a no fuss kind of skincare gal then we recommend the super all-in-one formula by SkinMedica. The TNS Essential Serum is designed to provide noticeable and rapid results. Over 11 clinical studies have been conducted all pointing to the improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, texture, and discoloration. The results only took 6 to 12 weeks when using twice per day. That means a more youthful yo is right around the corner!


A clinically proven product that we wouldn’t ever be caught without is by iS Clinical. Touted as the most technologically advanced formula on the market iS Clinical Youth Serum is a fountain of youth in a bottle. Designed to give skin the best of both worlds: immediate and long-term results. Safe and bio-identical growth factors help to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles long-term.


Why are growth factors useful?

Medically based skin care programs are designed to transform the skin, whether it be from dull and lifeless to supple, or from wrinkled and sun-damaged to fresh and young. Out with the old and in with the new! We do this using a number of tools such as scrubs and washes to exfoliate along with alpha hydroxy acid products to remove dead skin and smooth texture. Retinol or Vitamin A products to increase skin turn over and enhance cellular renewal. Once the skin starts to turn over it’s time to support new skin growth with a product that can regenerate. This is exactly where growth factors come in! The use of a growth factor product provides these new skin cells with the right nutrients to stay strong and healthy.


Advanced technology utilizing exosomes that encapsulate the growth factors and proteins which in turn increases penetration, stability and activates more receptors to enhance your results. With over 150 different skin growth factors derived from adult stem cells, this magical serum improves all aspects of skin aging and skin damage. Osmosis StemFactor treats skin below the surface. 80% saw improvement while using StemFactor regularly. Revitalize, refine and assist in the repair of your skin with this formula designed to transform and regenerate skin from deep down.


Want intensive results? You got it! If you’re the type that’s looking for the next thing look no further than Biopelle Tensage 50. Different by nature this product has a very unique growth factor coming from… snails! Yes, you read that right! SCA growth factors, derived from snail secretions, dramatically regenerates skin tissue by stimulating youthful cell growth to smooth wrinkles, boost collagen and elastin and maintain moisture levels. If you are looking for fast, dramatic improvement, this is the ideal product.

Growth factors they’re for everyone who is aging.

Clinical results show that growth factor products benefit anyone with visible signs of facial aging. While anyone with early signs of aging benefit from using growth factors, the most significant visible improvements are seen in people with greater photo-damage and more mature skin. Twice a day use with diligence is the key to maximizing benefits from growth factor products. Isn’t it time you started benefiting from growth factors?