DERMAFLASH DERMAPORE+ Ultrasonic Pore Extractor + Skincare Infuser Set


New + improved! Deep clean, unclog pores and infuse your favorite skincare. Boosted Ultrasonic speed + next-gen Ionic technology easily and painlessly extract dirt, oil and blackheads. Pores look smaller instantly.

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN to visibly reduce pore size
  • For all ages and skin types—even sensitive skin
  • Includes DERMAPORE+ Device, Prep Mist (0.5 fl. oz.) and USB Charging Cable
  • Esthetician-recommended
Color : Sea Foam

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Boosted Ultrasonic Vibrations at 35K Hz (the highest speed on the market) unclog pores and remove stubborn blackheads, with minimal pressure and zero irritation.

New Ionic Technology draws out impurities from deep within pores while helping to deliver skincare actives deeper into your skin.

Painlessly removes dirt, oil + blackheads for a clearer, healthier-looking complexion instantly. Use with the included PREP MIST to optimize results.
Helps increase absorption of skincare products, while boosting circulation with an invigorating micro-massage sensation.

Take your skincare routine to the next level. Safe, gentle + esthetician-recommended.

2 modes: Extract clogged pores + Infuse topical skincare treatments
Ultrasonic + Ionic Technology for professional-quality extractions without irritation
Pores look smaller and tighter instantly, skin looks healthy and glowing

Blush, Pop Pink, Stone, Sea Foam

What’s the difference between DERMAPORE and DERMAPORE+?

DERMAPORE+ is the second generation of our best-selling Ultrasonic Pore Extractor + Skincare Infuser. We boosted the Ultrasonic Speed to 35K Hz (the highest on the market) and added new Ionic Technology so you can extract pore-clogging debris and infuse skincare products even more effectively.

If you have the previous device, don’t worry. Your DERMAPORE will still give you professional-quality results. Our mission is to bring you the most effective and most advanced sonic skincare technology, which is why we upgrade our devices from time to time.

Why do I need to use PREP MIST with DERMAPORE+?
PREP MIST has negatively charged ions that work synergistically with the positively charged ions in the DERMAPORE+ spatula. Together, they act like a magnet to draw out dirt, oil + debris from pores. If you don’t have any PREP MIST available, you can mist your face thoroughly with water and/or use a facial steamer, but you’ll see the best results when you use PREP MIST. CLICK HERE TO RESTOCK!
Can I use water with DERMAPORE+?
We recommend always using the included PREP MIST with DERMAPORE+ to optimize your results. This clean, cruelty-free face mist works like a “facial steamer in a bottle” to soften clogs and prep skin for extractions. However, if you run out of PREP MIST or do not have it on hand, water and/or a facial steamer can be used as a substitute. Remember, if you are using water, skin must remain thoroughly wet for your entire treatment, just like with PREP MIST.
How often should I use my DERMAPORE+?
DERMAPORE+ is safe and gentle enough to use every day, so you can use it as needed to keep pores clear. However, if you have sensitive/reactive skin we recommend using once a week until your skin becomes accustomed.
Can I use DERMAPORE+ on active acne?
When DERMAPORE+ is safe to use on clogged pores and blackheads, we do not recommend using it on active acne. The device should also not be used on skin with psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, open sores, a rash, a sunburn, or any type of cuts or abrasions.
Will DERMAPORE+ enlarge my pores?
No! In fact, DERMAPORE+ is clinically proven to reduce the look of pores. In our clinical tests, 97% of our subjects had a significant reduction in pore size* after just one use.Here’s the deal: When your pores are clogged with dirt, oil and debris, they can get stretched out and appear larger (eek). When that debris is removed, pores look smaller. The Ultrasonic + Ionic Technology in DERMAPORE+ gently removes gunk from your pores without the need to squeeze, poke or damage your skin, so your pores will look smaller instantly. *Instrumental analysis immediately after use with PREP MIST
What does INFUSE mode do?
If you’re only using your DERMAPORE+ to unclog pores, you’re missing out! Infuse mode uses gentle Ultrasonic Vibrations (think a micro-massage for your face) and Ionic Technology to infuse the active ingredients in your favorite serums, moisturizers and masks deeper into your skin. Try using Infuse mode with a sheet mask, after you’ve done your Extract mode treatment—your skin will look clear and glowy instantly!
How do I charge my DERMAPORE+?
Simple! Insert the large end of the USB charging cord into a power adapter, then insert the pin into the socket on the side of device. Plug the power adapter into outlet or plug the USB into a computer.A pulsing white light will appear when your device is charging correctly. The battery indicator lights will display the level of charge.
How do I hold the device?
It’s easy! In Extract mode, hold your DERMAPORE+ with the spatula pointing down and angled at 45°.Use your other hand to gently pull skin taut and glide the tip of the spatula over clog-prone areas. For Infuse mode, simply flip the device over so the flat part of the spatula is resting against your skin. No matter what mode you’re using, make sure your fingertips maintain contact with the silver strip (this allows the Ionic Technology to function).
My device is on EXTRACT mode but I don’t see a white light.
First, make sure skin is thoroughly wet with PREP MIST. If your skin is dry or not wet enough, the white light will not illuminate.Next, position the spatula with the tip angled down at 45° and make sure your fingertips are touching the silver strip. Skin must remain wet and your fingers must remain in contact with the silver strip during the entire treatment.
Can I use DERMAPORE+ if I'm pregnant?
If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use DERMAPORE+ without consulting with your doctor. Additionally, do not use DERMAPORE+ if you have serious allergies, infected skin, a heart condition, or have a pacemaker or other electrical medical device. Please see the user manual for more detailed information.

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Wet skin with the included PREP MIST before you start. Skin must remain thoroughly wet for your entire Extract mode treatment. Re-mist as needed.
Hold skin taut and glide the tip of the spatula over clog-prone areas. Keep your fingertips on the silver strip. Debris will build up, wipe clean before using Infuse mode.
Apply your favorite skincare, then glide the flat part of the spatula over skin (keep your fingertips on the silver strip). Pat in excess product and wipe spatula clean.

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