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Tangle Teezer Cat

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Groom, massage and bond with your furry feline using this cat grooming brush. Perfect for short to medium length fur, regular use will keep your cat’s fur healthy and manageable, as well as being a relaxing experience for you both.

Using our unique, two-tiered teeth technology that’s gentle on cat’s fur and skin, the long teeth gently detangle and remove knots, while the shorter teeth remove loose hairs and smooth the fur. In a fun, paw-shaped design that’s easy to use and hold, your cat will keep coming back for more.

Shaun’s Story
At the very heart and soul of Tangle Teezer is our founder and inventor, Shaun P. He’s not just the face – and very much the personality of our brand – but also the brains behind it too.

Shaun is an unconventional thinker – where others turn left, he turns right – and above all, he’s a problem-solver. It was in 2003, after 30 years spent working in top salons as a colourist, that Shaun had his ‘lightbulb moment’ – the need for a quick and easy hairbrush which detangled hair without tugging and pulling.

Research, design, development and refinement followed, as well as an appearance and rejection on Dragons’ Den, until eventually The Original detangling hairbrush launched in 2007.

In doing so, he created an entire new hairbrush category – detangling – but he wasn’t ready to stop there.

A series of new inventions in detangling as well as blow-drying and styling have followed since then and Shaun remains the most passionate and hungry-for-more person at Tangle Teezer Headquarters.

Often found backcombing sections of girls’ hair at their desks or borrowing them to test out blow-drying tools, he never stops – so neither do we!