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Elemental Herbology Antioxidant Hydration Mist

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2021 Beauty Shortlist Award Winner- Editor’s Choice

Hydrate, soothe and protect dehydrated, sensitised skin with this antioxidant-rich facial mist to instantly refresh and calm redness throughout the day.

Rose Damask Flower Water:Distilled from rose petals, this calming flower water is rich in antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental damage.

Rose Damask Oil:Deeply moisturising and repairing, this nourishing oil extract helps to reduce redness and sensitivity.

Glycerin:Sourced from rape-seed oil, glycerin  has powerful humectant properties to lock moisture into the skin.

Weight 3.4 oz

Mist over cleansed skin morning and evening before applying your serum, facial oil or moisturiser, or use throughout the day to refresh and hydrate.