St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Tan Applicator Mitt (1 piece)


A soft mitt to help produce an even, smooth tan.

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St. Tropez is a sunless tan line that will leave your skin glowing like you just came back from the islands. The revolutionary self tanning products feature unique botanical extracts to improve your skin as it turns into a golden, bronze color. These innovative formulas also use advanced Aromaguard fragrance to technology to eliminate a minimum of 70% tanning odors. Among their sunless tanners, they also provide wash-off tanning formulas, illuminators and cosmetics to boost your color and radiance.

St. Tropez Tan Optimiser Tan Applicator Mitt is a great way to apply your sunnless tanning products without the mess. It features velvet-like large surface to help evenly glide along your skin, distributing your self tanner without causing streaks. A water-resistant barrier ensures your palms and fingers stay stain-free.
To help evenly spread self tanner.
Weight 2 oz