Rhonda Allison IllumiColour Mineral Glow System

IC Mineral Mineral Glow Systems come with everything you need for radiant, glowing skin. An excellent finish to your morning skin care regimen, choose the color that’s best for you for a flawless complexion that will last all day.  Perfect for wet applications as well as dry powder.

RA IllumiColour is unique from traditional make-up foundations used by so many.  Our formulations are a healthy extension of the home care regimen, infusing the skin with hydration, antioxidant, nourishment and protection from environmental elements.

Each kit includes:

  • Natural Mineral Crème (30ml)
  • Mineral Powder (9ml)
  • RA IllumiColour Brush (1)

Rhonda Allison Skincare

Rhonda Allison Skincare Products are specifically formulated with a combination of pure, high-quality natural ingredients and highly beneficial and scientifically developed compounds. This powerful combination of ingredients creates products that are highly effective at transforming skin, yet are safe enough to use at home.

Rhonda Allison started her skincare career experimenting with acid-based skin peels. In 1992, with the help of doctors and biochemists, she created a video The Art of Skin Peeling and wrote a highly recognized book Cooking with Acids. These popular presentations helped raise industry standards for acid-based skin peels and made Rhonda popular for her creative ability to develop superior acid-based skin formulas.

Today, Rhonda Allison is not only a leader in her field, but she’s also a highly respected teacher, author and speaker who’s recognized for her ongoing, innovative work with acids and chemical peels. Rhonda Allison and her management take pride in their efforts to provide extensive, professional guidance and education to their authorized representatives. This ensures proper use and effectiveness of the company’s professionally formulated products.

Rhonda Allison even has a line of products formulated especially for men, called RA. These powerful skincare products utilize plants, minerals and cutting-edge bio-tech ingredients to effectively repair and rejuvenate mens’ facial skin and unique conditions or issues. Regular use of RA products ensures users a younger, healthier and more refined skin texture and tone.

Weight 1 oz

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