Exposing the skin to -80°C stimulates a multitude of health benefits including improving the body’s metabolic rate to help weight loss, improved circulation, and a boost in oxygen in-take for reinvigoration. This ground-breaking collection is inspired by this powerful treatment; both tightening and invigorating.

Inspired by the benefits of Cryotherapy, The Cryo De-Puffing Edit is a collection of our Regenerative eye and face favourites with a pair of complimentary Cryo Sculpting Tools. When combined with the three products offered, these cooling metal definers, made from surgical stainless steel, work to alleviate the appearance of redness, encourage circulation, reduce puffiness and temporarily tighten the skin.

By combining these products and the tools – subsequently providing a comforting slip to the skin – this edit focuses on reducing water retention to elicit a smooth, sculpted and awakened appearance.


1x Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Facial Mask – 23ml

1x Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask – 6ml

1x Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Duo – 20ml

1x Cryo Sculpting Tools

Not only designed for invigorationtightening and removing toxins, Cryotherapy has proven benefits of boosting and supporting the immune system. In the wake of optimal skin health, investing in regular cryotherapy sessions will help your immune system. By increasing your circulation in a cryotherapy session, the body will signal the blood from the skin to the core and protect the organs. As the blood circulates internally, it then becomes rich in oxygen and nutrients and as the blood vessels dilate it will help to improve cellular function and growth.

Cryotherapy has been proven to help boost the white blood cell count and anti-inflammatory cytokines. As white blood cells help us to fight infection and disease, it is important to implement wellness treatments that elevate them naturally. Cryo therefore increases the cells which helps to reduce systemic inflammation and keeps more from building. So whilst Cytokines help to heal damaged cells and white blood cells fight infection, cryotherapy supports the increase of these cells.

For other great benefits, cryotherapy reduces cortisol by increasing the endorphins that we release. As we reduce our cortisol levels we in fact strengthen our immune system that will, as a result, help fight off our vulnerability to disease and infections.

Sub-Zero De-Puffing Facial Energy Mask: Apply the mask to dry, clean skin. Wear for 20 minutes. Use up to three times per week, and for longer durations when extra hydration is needed.
Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask: On clean, dry skin, apply under each eye. Leave for 20 minutes, remove, and then allow the skin to absorb the remaining essence by gently patting the skin.
Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Duo: On clean, dry skin; gently apply a rice grain amount of STEP 1 serum over the entire under eye area. After a few minutes, repeat process with the nourishing STEP 2 cream.
Designed to reduce puffiness and encourage a lifted look, this tool should be done over a mask, serum or cream to encourage product penetration while massaging the epidermis, fascia and subcutaneous tissue.