Tweezerman Mini Hangnail Squeeze


Tweezerman Mini Hangnail Squeeze and Snip Nipper

• One-of-a-kind ergonomic shape and angled blades make hard to reach, ragged cuticles easy to trim
• Thin handles with textured finger pad are perfectly balanced for outstanding control and comfort
• So easy to use: just squeeze to snip, that’s it – provides smooth, clean cuts every time
• Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean


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About Tweezerman

Tweezerman has been recognized in the beauty industry for over 35 years for setting the highest standards of quality, reliability, innovation and service with every beauty tool sold.

Featuring cutting edge beauty tools sold through professional beauty suppliers as well as top cosmetic and department stores.

With our hundreds of consumer-trusted products, Tweezerman and the Zwilling Beauty Group family of brands are associated worldwide with premium quality beauty tools that range from flawless brow grooming, face and lashes to manicure/pedicure, hand, foot and nail care, colors and UV gels, and from cosmetic brushes to precise men’s personal care products, along with high quality sets and kits – all varying to include everything from the ultra-affordable to the most luxurious necessities, and together addressing growing and wide-reaching global consumer demand.

Beauty addicts around the world associate Tweezerman with precise brow grooming and premium beauty tools. A top choice among celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty professionals for over 30 years, Tweezerman makes high quality, precision tools for brows, lashes, hands, and feet that women can’t live without. Designed to perform with perfect precision, Tweezerman’s STUDIO COLLECTION available through Sephora comprises beauty tools inspired by the latest fashions and beauty trends, created to bring the runway to real life and help women achieve their perfect look.

Ultimate performance to go. Revolutionary easy grip mini tool features ultra-sharp blades for trimming cuticles and hangnails with precision. Perfectly aligned edges won’t pull or tear skin. Comes in convenient travel size.
Squeeze handles with light pressure to snip.

Bahama Blue, Classic, Geranium